DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag Review

DadGear Backpack Diaper BagAs its name suggests, the DadGear backpack diaper bag is targeted primarily towards men. It’s spacious, functional and comes in no fewer than 26 different styles. Is it the best choice for men? Read on to find out.

The first thing that struck me about the DadGear Backpack is the ridiculous style range. With 26 different options, it’s clearly been designed for men who don’t want their style to be cramped by a bag full of diapers.

According to DadGear, the backpack was designed to look exactly like a hiking backpack. And I have to say, you’d have a tough time differentiating between the two.

DadGear Backpack FeaturesInside the selection of compartments is equally impressive. The backpack itself has a clam shell opening, revealing two large pockets. This mightn’t seem like a lot but each pocket is further divided into over 5 different compartments each.

The result is a bag that keeps everything both organised and easily accessible. The brightly colored lining also helps with this.

On the outside, there’s a front pocket, and two bottle holders, capable of carrying four bottles each. One downside of the bag is that those holders are not insulated so you may wish to add your own insulated version. A changing pad, on the other hand, is included.

Arguably the most impressive feature of the DadGear Backpack however would have to be the Quick Access Wipes Case at the lower front. It opens easily, closes easily and keeps wipes close on hand at all times.

It’s currently an exclusive feature to DadGear products but I reckon other companies will soon follow suit. It’s nothing if not convenient.

Another DadGear exclusive is called the Diaper Hammock. This is simply a specialty pocket located at the very top of the bag to keep your diapers in.

This keeps them easily accessible at all times and allows you to get them out without completely opening the bag. Again, this is a very novel and useful feature.

On the comfort front, I’m pleased to report that the backpack also scores highly. The fact that it’s designed for men hasn’t been used as an excuse to cut corners. The straps are both adjustable and cushioned and make for a comfortable wear regardless of whether you use one strap or two. The backpack also comes with integrated stroller straps.

At 2.2 pounds, it’s not the lightest diaper bag on the market but it is the lightest you’re going to find in the backpack style. It’s made from Polyester too, making it one of the more eco friendly diaper bags on the market.

Another thing worth noting about the DadGear backpack is that despite its name, it wouldn’t look out of place on a woman’s shoulders. So if you’re looking for a diaper bag that both parents can use, it might be ideal. Although you’d probably want to skip the skull and bones design in that case.

Overall, the DadGear Backpack is a well designed, well constructed diaper bag that comes highly recommended. It has more than enough novel features to stand out from the crowd and unlike some “product innovations”, they are genuinely useful.

Choosing a style might be complicated but choosing to buy it shouldn’t be.

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