Fisher Price FastFinder Diaper Bag Review

Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper BagThe first thing that you’ll notice about the Fisher Price FastFinder Diaper Bag is its generic, unisex appearance. The transparent wipe case is immediately noticeable and with it, the bags purpose.

Unlike most diaper bags, it doesn’t look like a handbag, backpack or regular messenger bag. The FastFinder looks like a diaper bag, and nothing else.

For some, this won’t be a problem. After all, you’re a parent now, why hide it? For others however, the complete lack of fashion will be a major turnoff. With the likes of Skip Hop for women, and DadGear for men, there’s no shortage of diaper bags that can easily pass as fashion accessories. And this simply isn’t the case with the Fisher Price FastFinder.

If the FastFinder’s generic appearance doesn’t bother you however, there is also a lot to like about the bag. For a start, there’s the price tag. Considering the bags quality and features, a price below fifty dollars is incredible value. Most bags at this price point have serious design/durability problems, not so with the FastFinder.

Made primarily from Nylon, the FastFinder is a sturdy, well built bag that appears to have been built to last. Multiple customer reviews have claimed that it holds up nicely even under sustained use.

In terms of accessibility, the FastFinder does indeed live up to its name. The bag has a total of ten pockets, four of which are on the outside. The interior is both well designed and covered in brightly colored lining, keeping everything easily visible. In terms of space, it can easily handle up to ten diapers.

The outer pockets are particularly well designed and one of them even has an insulated bottle holder. The fact that the bottle holder is on the outside rather than the inside is also a nice touch. I particularly like the front pocket too which is ideal for quick grab items.

The FastFinder’s wipe case mightn’t look great but it’s nothing if not convenient. Wipes can be accessed with the push of a button and it can store about a third of a packet. Personally however, I think they should have taken a few design pointers from DadGear. Their wipe case provides all the convenience in a far less obvious package.

Another area that the FastFinder scores highly in is its weight. At just over a pound, it’s a lot lighter than many of its competitors. Throw in the comfortable messenger strap and you have a bag that will be easy to carry regardless of its contents.

Speaking of its contents, the FastFinder comes complete with both a cushioned changing pad and a removable pacifier pocket. Both are up to Fisher Price standards and are a nice bonus considering the price.

Overall, the Fisher Price FastFinder is a lightweight, highly functional diaper bag. At just $46, it’s also exceptional value. If you can get over its lack of style, its very much recommended. But if you’re looking for something a little less obviously full of diapers, look elsewhere.

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