Jeep Perfect Pockets Backpack Review

Jeep Perfect Pockets BackpackOne of Jeeps best selling products, the Perfect Pockets Backpack promises twelve different compartments for less than fifty dollars. Made primarily from black polyester, it has a low key appearance coupled with well designed straps. It’s also surprisingly well built considering the low price.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Perfect Pockets is that it’s clearly been designed to as a unisex bag. Unlike many modern diaper bags, there are no frills or cute colours. It looks like an average backpack and one that no father is going to object to wearing. This is ideal if you’re looking for something that can be shared with a partner.

The second thing that you’ll notice is the ridiculous amount of space. The twelve pockets are split evenly between inside and out. And all but two have zips. The upside of zips is that it keeps your valuables safe. The downside however is that this isn’t the best bag to open next to a sleeping baby.

The inside is heavily compartmentalised with a single main compartment and multiple side pockets. The result is a bag that pretty much forces you to stay organised. The main compartment is ideal for diapers and a change of clothes. Everything else will have it’s own individual space.

The outer pockets, in particular are generously sized. When used correctly, you should be able to access your most used items without having to stop and open the bag.

One of the side pockets offers an insulated bottle holder which is just about large enough to carry two bottles. At the back of the bag is a built in changing station and the front, a hard cased wipe box. Again, both are well designed, allowing for easy access to both items when needed.

Another thing that I liked about the bag is that it stands up even when almost empty. This obviously helps when packing or unpacking. Despite this fact, it’s not stiff enough to cause discomfort when walking.

Despite its size, the bag is surprisingly light and the stroller loops mean that you have a choice of carrying it as either a backpack or a stroller bag. The backpack straps in particular are well designed. They are very comfortable meaning no sore shoulders even when the bag is full.

Customer reviews for the Perfect Pockets are generally positive. At the time of writing, it’s been reviewed over a hundred times on Amazon for an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. One problem that I did notice however is that multiple reviewers have complained about the zips getting stuck over time.

I only used this bag for just over a week so I cannot really comment. In that time, the only real fault I could find is that it’s a little generic looking. The DadGear backpack for example is a lot more stylish.

In conclusion, the Perfect Pockets Backpack is both well designed and excellent value. If you want something unisex, low key and comfortable to hold it makes for an excellent purchase.

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