JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag Review

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper BagAvailable in three different colors, the JJ Cole satchel diaper bag provides designer looks without the designer price tag. At just $70, it’s certainly good value but how does it hold up on a day to day basis?

The first thing that I like about the JJ Cole Satchel is its exterior pockets. Despite looking more like a hand bag than a diaper bag, it has a total of seven. When combined with the four on the inside, you have a surprisingly large satchel that can carry just about anything you throw at it.

JJ Cole Satchel InteriorThe inside lining is brightly colored and the bag is a lot longer than it is deep. These two characteristics combine to make even the smallest of items easily accessible. And to be honest, the wealth of exterior pockets means that you’re unlikely to use the interior for anything other than diapers anyway.

The straps along the top look deceptively expensive and more importantly, they’re comfortable to hold. The satchel also comes complete with a detachable messenger strap. This allows the bag to be worn over your shoulder on particularly busy days. This is a surprisingly rare feature in diaper bags and one that I’m always happy to see.

Unlike many of its competitors, an insulated bottle holder isn’t included but there’s more than enough room to add your own. A changing pad, on the other hand, is included and I was very pleased with the quality. It’s soft to touch and is designed to match the bags exterior.

Speaking of its exterior, all three styles are made primarily from nylon that’s both PVC and phthalate free. This not only makes the bag eco friendly, it prevents any nasty smells the day you get it.

For an extra twenty dollars, you can add faux leather but I personally think it’s unnecessary. The standard versions look fantastic as they are, particularly, the Onyx version which is my personal favorite.

In terms of weight, the JJ Cole Satchel also scores highly, with a total weight of less than one and a half pounds. Considering the amount of gear that you can carry, this is a definite achievement on Cole’s part.

Another nice feature of the JJ Satchel is its stroller grips. Unlike traditional stroller straps, the grips are made from rubber and can be attached directly to your strollers handles. This keeps the bag closer to your hands and is actually easier to get on and off.

Overall, the JJ Cole Satchel Bag provides designer quality at a wallet friendly price. It’s good looks are backed up by sound design. And the quality of its materials suggest a bag that you’ll still be wearing long after your child stops wearing diapers.

At just $69.99, it’s also one of the best value diaper bags currently on the market.

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