Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag Review

Ju Ju Be Be PreparedOne of Ju Ju Be’s most popular products, the Be Prepared tote is a super stylish diaper bag with endless compartments. It’s marketing promises a bag that will allow you to be prepared for just about any child care situation but does it live up to its name? Read on to find out.

Arguably the most impressive feature of the Be Prepared bag is its size; it’s absolutely massive. At 18 by 14 inches, it can comfortably hold up to 12 large diapers. This makes it one of the best bags on the market for moms of multiples. It’s also perfect for those who have a hard time adopting a minimalist approach to days out.

In terms of pockets, the Be Prepared also scores highly with a total of 17 different compartments. The outer pockets are particularly well designed with two deep pouches on the side and a single large snap close pocket on the front. If like me, you don’t leave home without a tablet, this is the perfect place to put it.

The inside is well designed with most compartments being easily accessible regardless of how much gear you are carrying. I particularly liked the Mommy pocket which is apparently designed for things such as phones and wallets. The bag also has quite a few magnetic closures which are ideal for times when baby is sleeping.

One downside of the Be Prepared is that it is a little on the heavy side, clocking in at 3.2 pounds when empty. This isn’t so much of a design flaw as it is the logical result of the bag being so big. If you don’t carry that much baby gear, this probably isn’t the right bag for you.

Despite its weight, the Be Prepared is surprisingly comfortable to carry. The shoulder strap is both adjustable and padded with memory foam. The tote handles, on the other hand, are easy to grip and can be tucked away when not in use.

In terms of style, the Be Prepared lives up to its hefty price tag. It comes in no less than 26 different colors. Most of them are very fashionable, running the gauntlet all the way from subtle to attention grabbing. Whichever one you choose, you won’t be carrying something that looks like a diaper bag.

Despite this fact, the Be Prepared line does indeed come with it’s own memory foam changing pad. This is the first time that I’ve seen a changing pad made from this material and I have to admit it feels both comfortable and very well made.

The bags insulated bottle holders are equally well designed, being made from anti microbial 3M Thinsulate for maximum insulation.

The bag itself is machine washable but it can take up to forty eight hours to dry. Luckily, the bag is very easy to keep clean. The outside is Teflon treated so pretty much nothing sticks to it. The interior even has crumb drains which allow tiny pieces of dirt to take care of themselves.

At 180 dollars, the Be Prepared isn’t going to be for everyone. Brands such as Skip Hop and JJ Cole continue to prove that you don’t need to spend over a 100 dollars to get a top quality bag. If you’re happy with the price tag however, it’s a very hard bag to fault. In terms of style, durability and usability, it appears to justify its hefty price tag surprisingly easily.

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