Okkatots Travel Diaper Bag Review

Okkatots Baby DepotAimed at Moms on the go, the Okkatots Travel Diaper Bag is a surprisingly spacious backpack designed for tantrum free travel. It has room for just about everything you could need on a long journey and its endless compartments allow for easy organisation.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Baby Depot is the length of the primary zip. It covers the entire edge of the bag and as a result, the bag can be opened both like a clam and like a suitcase.

Once opened, you’ll be greeted by 10 different compartments and enough space for 16 large diapers. This is on top of the changing pad and removable wipe dispenser, both of which are included.

The Okkatots Baby Depot also includes a diaper dispenser, something that’s still surprisingly rare. The benefit of this is that your diapers come out neatly folded rather than squashed up.

Arguably the best thing about the Okkatots travel bag however is simply that everything you put in it is easily accessible. Once opened, every single item is immediately visible. This is in contrast to many diaper bags which you pretty much have to turn upside down to get what you want.

In terms of external pockets, the Baby Depot also scores highly. It only has four, but each one is spacious, and functional. The two side pockets, in particular, are surprisingly deep and each one is covered by a net for additional storage.

Arguably the most novel feature of the Baby Depot is its built in stand for a portable DVD player. Keeping a child occupied on long trips isn’t easy and considering the affordable nature of portable DVD players, this might be an excellent solution.

The pocket is located at the front of the bag and can comfortably fit most players. Once opened, the pouch sits horizontally, allowing you to place the DVD player open against it. The result is a portable media center for your child that may prove a life saver.

As you can see from the picture, the backpack is also quite stylish in a low key kind of way. Unlike some diaper bags, it’s purpose isn’t immediately apparent. One complaint that I do have however is that I’d like to see a few more colors available.

Being a backpack, you’d expect the Baby Depot to be comfortable to carry and I’m pleased to report that it does indeed score highly in this regard. The straps are both padded and adjustable and will serve you well regardless of how much you are carrying.

This brings us to the one downside of the Baby Depot; its size. It’s perfect for long trips. It’s also perfect if you need to carry a lot of gear around on a day to day basis. But if you tend to travel light i.e. with six diapers instead of sixteen, you may want something a little smaller.

It is worth noting however that despite its size, the backpack only weighs two and a half pounds. A figure that many smaller bags manage to reach despite offering a fraction of the storage.

Another benefit of the Okkatots Baby Depot is that its made of polyester rather than PVC. Due to the potential health risks of PVC, this is always a positive in my book. It also makes the bag more eco friendly.

Overall, the Okkatots Baby Depot is the perfect travel bag for anyone with a small child. It has more storage space than just about any bag I’ve ever reviewed. And its design allows that storage space to be put to maximum use.

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