Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag Review

Skip Hop Studio Diaper BagSkip Hop have long been a leading manufacturer of diaper bags and the Skip Hop Studio is probably their best product to date.

Despite being easily mistakable for a hand bag, it contains just about every feature that a mom could want. Available in three different colors, it’s the perfect combination of high street style and effortless functionality.

My favorite thing about this bag is the attention to detail that’s clearly been paid during the design phase. It’s full of minor little touches here and there that combine to make it one of the most ultra usable diaper bags on the market.

At the bottom, it’s got nickel feet that keep it off the ground. This is a nice touch that will keep the bag scuff free no matter how many times you leave it down. This has been a problem for me in the past with many bags. Not so, with the Skip Hop Studio.

Like most diaper bags, it has two insulated pockets. But unlike most diaper bags, those pockets are located on the exterior. This creates easy access to your child’s food and drink. As any busy mom will agree, this is a major bonus.

In total, the Studio bag has 14 pockets, most of which are surprisingly roomy considering the bags deceptively small appearance. It’s spacious, but not bulky. It’s not going to be bumping off people every time you walk down the street.

The straps are equally well designed, being both comfortable to hold and long enough to fit over your shoulder. They’re not adjustable however and this makes the absence of a detachable messenger strap a little disappointing.

The stroller straps, on the other hand, are adjustable and are click on, click off. Unlike some diaper bags that I’ve tried, the bag fits snugly against the stroller with minimal bouncing around. It’s also high enough to be within easy reach at all times.

The Studio also comes complete with a soft nylon, fold-able changing pad. This is a nice touch considering the pads in their Dash and Duo lines are made from vinyl. The interior is made from 100% polypropylene which is also a high quality choice.

Speaking of materials, the bag is made primarily from woven, patterned nylon. The entire bag is also both eco-friendly and PVC free. It’s not machine washable but it is both wipe clean and water resistant inside and out.

From holding the Skip Hop Studio, you do get the impression that it’s both well built and durable. Multiple customer reviews have also commented on the fact that it stands up to daily use quite well.

In terms of weight, the Skip Hop Studio also scores highly, or should I say, lightly. At just 1.8 pounds, it’s over a pound lighter than many of its competitors.

Overall, the Skip Hop Studio bag is a well constructed, well designed and effortless to use every day diaper bag. And unless, you want to spend more on something with a designer label, it’s probably the best diaper bag currently on the market.

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