Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag Review

Storksak Olivia Diaper BagStorksak have been a big name in the baby gear industry for some time now. Their most popular product this year is the Storksak Olivia diaper bag. Some have balked at its price, other’s have praised its style. Is it worth 200 dollars? Read on to find out.

Available in six different colors, the Storksak Olivia is effortlessly stylish. Looking more like a designer bag than a diaper bag, it’s perfect for any young mom who’s not willing to sacrifice fashion for functionality.

It’s tote handles are both eye catching and comfortable. It also comes with a detachable, adjustable messenger strap for days when your carrying a little too much for comfort. This is a nice touch considering the fact that the bag is big enough to easily hold up to sixteen diapers.

Despite it’s outward appearance, the inside is carefully designed to accommodate a wealth of baby gear. It has a total of seven compartments, six of which are open, and one that zips close.

The outside of the bag is equally functional with a total of five external pockets. Each one is generously sized, with external storage being almost equal to what’s available on the inside. Despite this fact, at first glance, the outer pockets are barely noticeable.

The bag also comes complete with both an insulated bottle holder and a foldable changing pad. The former is easily accessible on the outside, the latter is neatly stored at the bottom. It also has a small accessory pouch perfect for diaper cream and/or makeup.

The Storksak Olivia is made primarily from nylon satin which is wipe clean. The interior lining is both plush and brightly colored making its contents easily accessible at all times. The faux leather trim is also a nice touch.

One thing that I didn’t like about the Olivia is its lack of feet. For a bag in this price range, a little bit of protection from the ground would have been nice. Aside from the potential for scuffs at the bottom however, it does appear well built.

From holding it, you do get the impression that it will easily outlast a child’s diaper wearing days. And from looking at it, you get the impression that you’ll want to keep using it a long time after that.

The only real downside of the Storksak Olivia is the price. With the likes of JJ Cole and Skip Hop both selling stylish bags at less than half the price, the 200 dollar price tag is a bit excessive.

In saying that however, I can’t imagine paying it and then being disappointed. If you’re looking for a bag to wear on a daily basis, it may well be worth it to you.

Overall, the Storksak Olivia is a stylish diaper bag that’s equal parts well designed and well made. For some, the price will be too much to swallow. But Storksak have certainly made a good case for it being justified. And if you’re willing to pay it, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

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